The Library holds Bell News, bound in volumes, as listed.
These volumes constitute a complete set of this periodical, but with some small gaps, referred to below.
1.February 1881 to April 1882. This was the first publication of Bell News, and during this period it was published monthly. April 1882 to 21st March 1883. From the issue dated 8/4/82 and thereafter it was published weekly, starting again at No. l with the issue dated 8th April 1882
2.7th April 1883 to 22nd March 1884
3.5th January 1884 to 26th December 1885
NB: Note overlap with previous volume
4.2nd January 1886 to 31st December 1887
5.7th January 1888 to 28th December 1889
6.4th January 1890 to 26th December 1891
NB: Flyleaf carries note: Issues 3/1/91, 25/7/91, 3/10/91 missing.
(But see below in following volume 7)
7.2nd January 1892 to 30th December 1893
NB: Flyleaf carries note: Issues 10/9/92, 24/12/92, 31/12/92 missing.
For issues 7/1/93, 14/1/93, 21/1/93, 28/1/93, see following volume 8
BUT – Issue for 3/1/91 is bound between issues 17/12/92 & 4/2/93
8.6th January 1894 to 28th December 1895
NB: Flyleaf carries note: Issues 13/1/94, 24/3/94, 17/10/94, 3/8/95 missing
BUT – Issues for 7/1/93, 14/1/93, 21/1/93, 28/1/93 are bound with January 1895
9.4th January 1896 to 25th December 1897
NB: Flyleaf carries note: Issues 16/5/96 and 8/8/96 missing
10.1st January 1898 to 30th December 1899
11.21st January 1899 to 29th December 1900
NB: Note one year overlap with volume 10
12.6th January 1900 to 28th December 1901
NB: Note one year overlap with volume 11
13.5th January 1901 to 27th December 1902
NB: Note one year overlap with volume 12 In these three volumes, certain issues are missing in one of the volumes but are contained in another; as far as is known, no issue is missing altogether
14.3rd January 1903 to 31st December 1904
15.7th January 1905 to 29th December 1906
16.5th January 1907 to 26th December 1908
17.2nd January 1909 to 31st December 1910
18.7th January 1911 to 28th December 1912
19.4th January 1913 to 26th December 1914
20.2nd January 1915 to 25th December 1915
The Library has also acquired a copy of “The Bell News Index”.
This Index, covering the whole period of existence of Bell News, was compiled by Cyril A. Wratten, on behalf of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, in 1973. It has been re-issued in a very handsomely printed format by Alan F. Ellis, in 2002. The Library copy was obtained in 2004, and is shelved with the bound volumes of Bell News in the Library.