Chester Diocesan Guild Annual Reports

The Library holds a complete set of Guild reports with the exception of the first quinquennial report, 1890-1895 which it holds only as a photocopy. It is thought that only one copy of this early report survives which is now lodged in the Chester Record Office. The Librarian would be delighted to hear from anyone in possession of a further copy. Similarly the library would like to obtain the missing reports from the Bowdon, Stockport & Mottram branch.

Annual Reports. The library holds a complete set of annual reports from No. l, 1906 to the present day.

Quinquennial Reports No.1, 1896, No.2, 1896-1900 and No.3, 1901-1905

Annual Reports 1906-1909

Annual Reports 1910-1919

Annual Reports 1920-1929

Annual Reports 1930-1939

Annual Reports 1940-1949

Annual Reports 2020-2029

Reports of the Bowdon, Stockport & Mottram Branch. 1900-1906, 1909-1911, 1912/13, 1914/15.