Bell Restoration Fund

About the BRF

The Guild Bell Restoration Fund is primarily a fund to which any church in the Chester Diocese can apply to for a grant towards almost any work on their bell installation, be it a single bell or a full peal of 12.  It can be for small jobs such as clapper replacement, or major restorations, augmentations or new installations, as long as the work complies with the Guild BRF Rules.  If your church is starting a project, please contact the Guild Bell Restoration Officer who can add it to the Restoration Projects page.

Churches are encouraged to contact their branch’s BRF Branch Representative when they are considering work on their bells, and the representative will be happy to offer impartial advice and guidance.  When ready, download the application form from the Resources page, complete it, and send it to the BRF Branch Representative.  They will then discuss it with the other BRF Branch Representatives and the Guild Bell Restoration Officer, and the latter will then take a recommendation to the Guild Committee, which will then decide whether to approve or reject the grant.  If a grant is approved, it will be paid when the work is completed and the relevant BRF Branch Representative or the Guild Bell Restoration Officer is satisfied with the job.

The Fund’s main source of income is donations, so if you have a bit of spare change then why not donate it?  The bigger the fund, the more projects we can help across Cheshire.  Contact the Treasurer for a Gift Aid form and details on how to donate.

BRF News and Latest Grants

Bell Restoration Officer

Photo of Rich Westman
Rich Westman Guild Bell Restoration Officer; Guild Committee Rep for Mid Branch
Home 27 Dale Street Runcorn Cheshire WA7 5PF Tower Runcorn Mobile: 07908 477587

Branch Representatives

Photo of Ben Kellett
Ben Kellett Guild Master, Guild Trustee, Chester Branch Ringing Master, BRF Branch Rep (Chester)
Tower Malpas
No Photo Available
Mike Orme BRF Branch Rep (South)
Tower Congleton Home Phone: 01260 278211
No Photo Available
Graham Jenkins East Branch Chairman, Guild Committee Rep, BRF Branch Rep (East)
Tower Prestbury