Ringing Room in the Guild

Survey of Ringing Room in the Guild January 2021

Summary of Guild Ringing Room Survey Jan / Feb 2021

General Comments

All 5 branches have a small number of towers using Ringing Room, enjoying it and finding it useful. There doesn’t seem to be much knowledge of the Ringing Room take-hold lounge on Facebook.

“I can certainly recommend a visit to the Shropshire Saturday morning meeting if only to see how they organise themselves across 3 towers.  If there was something like this in the Chester Guild it would be fantastic.”

Wheatley is a program that will ring any set of bells in Ringing Room. If you can install Wheatley it will fill in extra bells for you. We tried using Wheatley at our last Branch Practice. It was a great help and rang extra bells impeccably and unobtrusively. Only problem for us was that we needed a software engineer to install it. More information from anyone else who has used it would be welcome.

Chester Branch (2/19 towers)
Occasional Branch Practices. Two centres using Ringing Room: Handbridge on Wednesday and Saturday, Tarporley on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Three more experienced ringers from Handbridge would welcome an opportunity to advance their own ringing. Possible day time opportunity.
Contacts: Handbridge is FH, Tarporley is EW.

East Branch (7/33 towers)
Two branch practices on Sunday at 2 o’clock and Thursday at 7o’clock. These started in January 2021. One of our ringers has installed Wheatley. Mottram and Hyde, Prestbury, Poynton, Chapel, Hayfield and Dunham are all using Ringing Room.
Contacts: Chapel: FC, Dunham: AD, Hayfield: RR, Mottram: CB, Poynton: DF, Prestbury ?

Mid Cheshire Branch (3/19 towers)
Davenham, Grappenhall and Stockton Heath using Ringing Room. Davenham might like to link with others.
Contacts: Davenham: HK, Grappenhall: NT, Stockton Heath: SD.

South Branch (5/22 towers)
Holmes Chapel, Goostrey, Sandbach, Congleton and Nantwich have formed a hub and run Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday practices on different levels including quarter peals.
Contacts: Congleton: DF, Holmes Chapel: MH, Goostrey: MH, Sandbach: BH.

Wirral Branch (2/20 towers)
Neston has three sessions each week, one is for handbells. They have links with other ringers and branches.

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