Wirral Branch Towers

  • BEBINGTON St Andrew - 8,  8-1-13 in A♭ (425kg). CH63 3EX. Sunday: 10.00-10.30am, (First Sunday 10.30-11.00am, Not August), 6.00-6.30pm. Practice Night: Mon 7.30-9pm.
  • BIDSTON St Oswald - Tower: St Oswald. Bells: 6  5-1-24 in B. (278kg) Founder:  Robert Stainbank. Date: 1868. Location: Bidston Village Road, Bidston, Birkenhead, Wirral, Post Code: CH43 7QT. OS Grid Reference: SJ283903. ///What3words (the location finder) storms.goal.noses Tower Correspondent: Arthur Winn 07813753934 Tower Captain: Arthur Winn Sunday Service Ringing: No Regular Ringing.( Ring Arthur first) Practice Night: By […]
  • BROMBOROUGH St Barnabas - Tower: St Barnabas, Bromborough. Bells: 8 23-1-15 in E♭(1183kg) Founder: John Taylor & Sons. Date: 1880. Location: Village Centre, Church Square, Bromborough, Wirral, Post Code:   CH62 7AA. OS Grid Reference:   SJ349822. ///What3words (the location finder) committee.biggest.ranks Tower Correspondent: Steven Hughes, 21, Eccleston Avenue, Bromborough, Wirral, CH 62 2EB. steven-hughes1972@virginmedia.com Tower Captain: Steven W. Hughes. 0151 […]
  • BURTON St Nicholas -
  • CAPENHURST Holy Trinity - Tower: Holy Trinity, Capenhurst. Bells: 6, 11-0-22 in G (569kg) Founder: Taylors of Loughborough. Date: 1919. Location: Capenhurst Lane, Capenhurst, Wirral. Post Code: CH1 6HL. OS Grid Reference: SJ368738. ///What3words (the location finder) fades.picked.pools Tower Contact: David Johnson. johnydavid29@gmail.com Tower Captain: David Johnson. Sunday Service Ringing: 9.00-9.30am, irregular, ring first. Practice Night: Wednesday, 7.30 until […]
  • EASTHAM St Mary BV - Tower: St Mary Blessed Virgin. Bells: 6,  12-0-25 in G. (621kg) Founder: John Taylor & Co Ltd. Date: 1922. Location: Stanley Lane, Eastham, Wirral, Post Code: CH62 0AG. OS Grid Reference: SJ361800 ///What3words (the location finder) ascendant.libray.emperor Tower Correspondent: Sharon Lyons. sharon.e.lyons@gmail.com Tower Captain: Sharon Lyons. 07977339876 Sunday Service Ringing: 9.30-10.00am Practice Night: Thursday, 7.00 […]
  • HESWALL St Peter - Tower: St Peter, Heswall. Bells: 8, 8-0-9 in B♭(411kg) Founder: John Taylor & Co. Date: 4th 1955 & all others 1978. Location: 2, Village Road, Heswall, Wirral, Post Code: CH60 0DZ. OS Grid Reference: SJ266811 ///What3words (the location finder) gent.invite.spout Tower Correspondent: David N. Smith, 0151 342 2094 davidnealsmith@btinternet.com Tower Captain: John S.T. Willasey, willasey@gmail.com […]
  • LISCARD St Mary - Tower: St Mary with St Columba. Bells: 8 16-2-2 in F. (839kg). (Ground Floor Ring) Founder: John Taylor & Sons. Date: 1887. Location: Manor Lane, off Withens Lane, Liscard, Wallasey, Wirral, Post Code: CH45 7HH. OS Grid Reference: SJ311923. ///What3words (the location finder) slower.moved.pasta Tower Correspondent: Barbara Williams. 07724130030 Tower Captain: Vacant. Sunday Service Ringing: […]
  • MORETON Christ Church - Tower: Christ Church. Bells: 4, 5-3-17 in B. No Wheels. Founder: Warner. Date: 1863. Location: Upton Road, Moreton, Wirral, Post Code: CH46 0PA. OS Grid Reference: SJ262898. Tower Correspondent: The Rector, Parish Office, Upton Road, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 0PA. Tower Captain: Vacant, until we have some wheels. Sunday Service Ringing: Would like to make a donation […]
  • NESTON SS Mary & Helen - Tower: St Mary and St Helen. Bells: 8, 14-2-in F# (748kg) Founders: Abraham II Rudhall, Mears & Stainbank. Dates: AR 1731. M & S 1884 Location: 25B, High Street, Neston, South Wirral, Post Code: CH64 9TZ. OS Grid Reference: SJ291774. ///What3words (the location finder) preoccupied.birds.slowness Tower Correspondent: David Jones, 27, Carlton Road, Parkgate, South Wirral, […]
  • OXTON St Saviour - St Saviour,  10, 20-1-16 in E. (1036kg) Founder: John Taylor & Co Ltd., 1895, 1976. Location: Bidston Road, Prenton, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH43 2JZ. OS Grid Reference: SJ301878. ///What3words (the location finder) woods.valley.erase Sunday Service Ringing: 8.55-9.15am, (None On First Sunday) Practice Night: Thursday 7.30 until 9.00pm. Ringers: 9. Tower Entrance: Inside church, South East side next to Vestry. Visitors: Enter via […]
  • PORT SUNLIGHT Christ Church -
  • ROCK FERRY St Peter - Tower: St Peter. Bells: 6,  10-0-8 in G. (512kg) Founder: John Taylor, Date: 1914. Location: St Peter’s Road, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, Wirral, Post Code: CH42 1PY. OS Grid Reference: SJ335863. ///What3words (the location finder) wash.puns.split Tower Correspondent: Tony Fox, 4, Ingleby Road, New Ferry, Wirral, CH62 1BA. Tower Captain: Tony Fox, tonyfoxkings8@gmail.com Sunday Service Ringing: […]
  • SHOTWICK St Michael - 6 (8-3-0) in F#. Fri 7pm, Sun 11am.
  • THURSTASTON St Bartholomew - Tower: St Bartholomew Bells: 6, 6-2-15 in B♭(337kg) Founder: John Taylor & Co. Date: 1886. New Treble in 2002. Location: Church Lane, Thurstaston, Wirral, Post Code: CH61 0HW. OS Grid Reference: DJ247841. ///What3words (the location finder) pulse.improvise.flotation Tower Correspondent: Peter Robson, 38, Heathbank Avenue, Irby, Wirral, CH61 4XD. Tower Captain: Peter Robson, pwrobson@talktalk.net Sunday Service […]
  • UPTON St Mary - Tower: St Mary, Upton, Bells:5, 9-2-8 in G. (486kg) (Ground Floor Ring, in Porch.) Foundry: Robert Stainbank. Date: 1868. Location: 2, Church Road, Upton, Wirral, Postcode:  CH49 6JZ. OS Grid Reference:   SJ272881 ///What3words (the location finder) luck.acid.coach Tower Correspondent: Thomas E. Howarth, tom@g4bkf.com Tower Captain: Thomas Howarth. 0151 606 9921 Sunday Service Ringing: 6.00 until […]
  • WALLASEY St Hilary - Tower: St Hilary of Piotiers. Bells: 6, 8-2-17 in G. (440kg) Founder: John Taylor & Co, 1859. Location: Claremount Road, Wallasey, Wirral, Post Code: CH45 3NH. OS Grid Reference: SJ296922 ///What3words (the location finder) organ.player.forget Tower Correspondent: John McCulloch, 133, Wallasey Road, Wallasey, Wirral, CH44 2AB. quaz1modo@virginmedia.com Tower Captain: John McCulloch, 0151 691 1022. Sunday […]
  • WALLASEY St Nicholas - (8, 16-2-20 in E)
    Sunday 9.30-10.00
    Practice Monday
  • WEST KIRBY St Bridget - CH48 7HL
    Sunday 0915-1000am
    Tuesday 1930-2015
  • WOODCHURCH Holy Cross - Tower: Holy Cross, Woodchurch. Bells: 8, 3-3-27 in D. (203kg) Foundry: Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd. Date: 1971. Location: 1, Church Lane, Woodchurch, Birkenhead, Wirral. Post Code: CH49 7LS. OS Grid Reference: SJ276868.  ///What3words (the location finder) violin.given.direct Tower Correspondent: Parish Secretary, Sue Treanor. 0151 677 5352 20, Eltham Green, Arrowe Park, Wirral, CH49 5NG. parishoffice@holycrosswoodchurch.uk […]