This post from the CCCBR on 16th April 2019:

“Following the devastating fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris on 15th April, the Archbishops of Canterbury & York and Prime Minister Teresa May have asked for bells at churches and cathedrals across the UK to ring out in solidarity when possible on Maundy Thursday 18th April.
If you can, please try and gather some ringers to ring at any time on Thursday in any way you see fit (open, half-muffled etc.) and add your performance to the BellBoard event that has been created to record the ringing:  These performances will then be published together in an upcoming edition of The Ringing World.

Further details about the request can be found at the following links:

Archbishop of Canterbury news

UK Government offers solidarity

[Ed note: the CCCBR has interpreted the instruction to ring in any way whereas the Archbishops’ instruction suggest a tolling bell]

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