Alan Potts of Macclesfield died 2 February 2021, aged 89. Alan was taught to ring at Christ Church Macclesfield on the old bells before they were lowered in the tower.

  • Melanie Curwen

Obituary by Charles Seddon

Alan Potts was born in 1931 Macclesfield and was taught to ring by the renowned John Worth in 1944, going on to ring his first peal (PB Major) in the same year, after which he progressed steadily and rang  Cambridge S. Maximus at the age of just 16.  In 1948 he was one of the band achieving 10,080 Bristol S Major, but his preparation for the record 21,000 was disrupted by being called up for National Service, which took him on active duty to Singapore.

On his return he was a regular peal ringer in bands with John Worth, Ken Lewis and Brian Harris, ringing all over the country, and recording 321 peals in total, including 258 peals for the Chester Guild. He was also an accomplished handbell ringer with 38 peals in hand, 20 of these being on 10 or 12 bells.  He was elected as a member of ASCY with his first peal for them in 1952 and to celebrate this he rang a handbell peal in 2014, only his second for the Society after an interval of 62 years.

He supported several local bands over his ringing career, and inspired many people to ring, teaching in a quiet but authoritative manner, although few could match his style and striking ability, being one of the neatest ringers to be seen in the belfry. Learning to ring on the old bells at Christ Church before they were rehung lower in the tower would have been a demanding feat in itself.

As well as being a capable ringer, he was a strong supporter of his church and the associated community groups and an avid ballroom dancer with his wife Anne.

Alan will be remembered for his quiet pleasant manner, his lively wit, and his enduring positive outlook.

Alan Potts  6 Nov 1931-2 Feb 2021

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