I thought that it was time to communicate to the Branch as there has been no ringing or Branch events for several weeks. The last couple of months have been a time when we have had to accept a great disruption to the usual way we live our lives. We have been limited on where we can travel, who we can see and our Churches have been closed, all for very good reason. This has meant that we have not been able to ring and meet our ringing friends on Sundays, practice nights or at Branch events. It is not clear for how much longer ringing will be restricted but it appears that it may be for many weeks, if not months.

At least one tower has been holding weekly “Practice nights” on-line using one of the many communication tools available. Not to do any ringing but to make sure that they do not lose touch when we cannot meet together in the usual way.

Some people have been ringing virtually via the internet and found this has kept their brains active by ringing methods.

I have tried it and to me it appears that ringing”on-line” is very unforgiving and takes a while to get the hang of it but it is worth having a go. If you would like to have a go you will need a PC or modern i-PAD. Please let me know and I will try and organise an online session.

You should have seen some comprehensive information from the Central Council on matters that need to be considered before ringing can recommence, that is, once the Government and Church authorities allows us.

Please let us know how your ringers are getting on and what, if anything, you are doing to keep in touch with each other. I shall communicate again in the future when, hopefully, there is more clarity on when ringing can recommence.


Ringing Master-Chester Branch

[5th June 2020]
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