Life for the bell ringers of St Luke’s Goostrey has never been so quiet as during the pandemic of 2020/21. But all that is about to change.

Like all activities that rely on bringing together teams of people, church bell ringing has not been permitted since March 2020. The UK lockdown regulations, especially the 2m rule, has made it impossible to operate safely in the confined space of nearly all church towers.

Despite some strict protocols the tower of St Luke’s has never been completely silent. One bell has always kept ringing to remind the village that even on the darkest days the church is always here.

In the first lockdown our bell heralded the NHS clapping on Thursdays, it has tolled for remembrance and as tribute to Prince Phillip, and rings slowly for ten minutes before 7pm on Sundays to invite people to pause and reflect in prayer. And it rings joyously for five minutes before the start of Sunday morning service.

The ringers, supported by the Vicar, are intending to get back to normal very soon. The ‘rule of six’ and double vaccination means they can resume full ringing for Sunday service and for two weddings during July.

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