Chester’s Society Wedding Saturday 6th of November was a big day for the City of Chester. The Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary hosted the society wedding of the year between Lady Tamara Grovesnor, eldest daughter of Lord Grovesnor, the Duke of Westminster, and Edward Van Custem. The wedding was attended by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Princes Williams & Harry, and many other well heeled guests. The streets of Chester were lined with thousands wishing the happy couple well.

To mark the occasion four quarters were rung, and there was 40 minutes of ringing at Chester Cathedral. Throughout the day bells could be heard in and around Chester. Firstly, a quarter peal of Grandsire Triples was rung at Handbridge St Mary to coincide with the wedding party making its way to the Cathedral, after which the unringable 6 at St Peters in the City Centre were chimed. At around 12:35pm, the newly-weds left the Cathedral via the grand west doors to the sound of all 12 bells at Chester Cathedral. This was followed by open ringing at Handbridge, Aldford and Eccleston. Quarter Peals were rung at Eccleston and Aldford as the wedding party made its way to Eaton Hall, the country seat of the Grovesnor family. After Eccleston, another Quarter Peal was rung at Pulford; thus a quarter had been rung at each of the churches on the Grovesnor estate.

All in all, around 40 ringers from the Chester Branch were involved in the ringing at the 5 churches most closely linked to the Grovesnor family. Thanks must go to Chris & Jacqui Roberts for organising and running the ringing at the Cathedral, and to Helen Mitchell, who single-handedly organised all the open ringing and quarter peals around the Grovesnor estate. Thanks must also go to the parishes of Pulford, Aldford, Eccleston & Handbridge for allowing their bells to join in with the celebration. Oh, and lets not forget to wish Tammy & Eddy all the best for the future.

The above report was copied from Campanophile on 16th November 2004 to ensure this account remains available following subsequent updates on that Website.

[ed: Campanophile closed at the end of 2016]

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