Mid Branch won the 2018 Guild 10-bell striking competition at Dunham Massey (10, 25-2-24 in C) on 27th October 2018.

Ben Kellett thanked the competition judges Len and Claire Mitchell from Liverpool, also tower captain Andrew Darling for his organisation and the team at Dunham Massey for the tea and cake and lunch.

Photos of the event and further details of the results

The rounds before and after were not included in the marking. Faults resulted in quarter, half and full marks. The judges noted a huge discrepancy in ringing speeds (as evident in the peal speeds) also a brave decision to ring at Dunham Massey — exacting bells and no hiding place.┬áThe test piece was a plain course of Plain Bob Caters.

Position Tower Faults Peal speed Order of ringing Judge’s comments
1st Mid 11 3h08 6 Very purposeful pull-off well managed piece of ringing very consistent excellent rollups lots of clean rows and a few half faults.
2nd Wirral 17.75 2h57 4 Nicely measured test piece with excellent rollups at the lead end. Fairly brisk.
3rd East 26.5 3h37 1  Minor faults but no full faults and a good consistent measured speed.
4th Chester 32.25 3h15 2 Practice was a little rushed — the test piece more sedate but the quicker pace led to a few dropped blows. Fewer faults as the test piece improved throughout.
5th North Wales 34 3h20 5 Nicely measured speed of practice. Steady accumulation of faults throughout with a lot of half faults including a glitch in the 7th lead.
6th South 37 3h13 3 Very brisk practice. Some mistakes and the test piece accrued faults throughout — perhaps a difficulty agreeing a consistent speed.
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