Weaverham (Mid Branch) won the 2018 Guild 6-bell striking competition at Thurstaston St. Bartholomew (6, 6-2-15) on 13th October 2018.

Thanks to judges Neil and Anne Westman. Also to local tower captain Peter Robson and his team for making the event a success.

— Ben Kellett, Guild Master.

Photos of the event and further details of the results

Place in the competition Tower Faults Order of ringing Judge’s comments
1st (winner) Weaverham 4.5 3 Might have very slightly exceeded the 5 minutes because the tenor did not set also they had a crunch in the rounds after the test piece — neither of which were included in the marking. Really good ringing with a consistent settled speed.
P.S. Made the most of their practice time going through the method two or three times.
2nd Grappenhall 7.5 1 Started out fast and got better as it slowed down. No full faults and the second half was definitely better. A lot of faults in second’s place. Some clipped backstroke leads and unsure of speeds of leading. Very confident piece of ringing.
3rd Tarporley 10.5 6 Very nice steady ringing. Most faults in fifth’s place and at 2nd’s place after leading. Only one full fault.
4th Holmes Chapel 14 2 Started slow then got faster during the test piece which settled as it got quicker. Lots of faults in fifth’s place. The team made it quite difficult for the tenor to drum behind at an even pace. The tenor rang exceptionally well and improved 100% from practice to test piece.
5th Wirral (scratch band) 15 7 Lots of really small faults. Lots of clipping in fifth’s place and a syncopated rhythm never really settled and spoiled what could have been a really good piece of ringing.
6th Stockport 19.5 4 First whole faults of the contest which spoiled some really nice ringing in between. Some rushed backstroke leads. Well done to the conductor for rescuing it quickly from nearly firing out half way through. Confident speed but a pity about the method mistakes.
7th Chester Cathedral 33 5 Never really settled at all it felt as though the back bells were pushing the speed and the front bells were reluctant. Lots of faults in fifths place. Quite lucky not to fire out. Perhaps an over-confident choice of method but under contest conditions the nerves kicked in.


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