The Guild 8-bell striking competition held at Malpas on Saturday 14th July 2018.
The Judges were Len and Claire Mitchell.

Competition Touch announced on 7th Feb 2018:

Competition Results
1st Mid 13.5 faults
2nd East 17.25 faults
3rd South 18.75 faults
4th Wirral 20.75 faults
5th Chester 23.5 faults

Judges comments

In order of ringing:

Team 1 East: Excellent leading with good hand stroke gaps, most faults were when the lighter bells were with the heavier ones. Overall a well managed piece of ringing.

Team 2 South: Lighter bells rang around the heavier bells particularly well. Some excellent leading and a good rhythm from the tenor. Another well rung piece.

Team 3 Chester: Lots of rounds before the test piece. Good consistent speed and again excellent leading but with most faults accrued around the calling positions.

Team 4 Mid: Much faster ringing than the other teams. Lots of rounds at the beginning. Confident piece of ringing.

Team 5 Wirral: Slightly nervous start, did improve however picked up faults when the end was in sight.

With very many thanks to Len and Claire Mitchell for judging the competition.

— Ben Kellett, Guild Ringing Master.

Images from the event

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