3rd.   Gt. St Mary’s, Cambridge.

The Ridgman Trophy is a 10 Bells Striking Competition held annually in East Anglia.
Entries are made up from 7 East Anglia Teams plus Cambridge University, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.
You will hear the Ely Diocesan Team successfully defending their title for the third year in a row, they are ringing the back 10 of the 24 cwt twelve, cast in 2009 by the Loughborough Foundry ringing Yorkshire Surprise Royal.

10th.  Stratton, Cornwall.   Stedman Triples.

17th.  Ebrington, Gloucs.   All Saints Place Doubles.

24th.  Manchester Cathedral.   Bristol Surprise Royal.

31st.  South Brent, Devon.  Call Changes on 6.

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