At Poynton (6, 13-2-16 in F#). Thanks to Phil Gay of Keele for judging the competition. Here are the results along with his comments.

1st place: Stockport with 17.5 faults. Time well spent on lots of rounds to find the right speed for the bells. The test piece Cambridge Minor had a nervous start and slightly slower but settled down and got better.
2nd place: Grappenhall with 18.5 faults. Lots of rounds then into Plain Bob Doubles for both practice and the test piece. Small faults in the test piece and a method mistake from which they recovered well. Very steady except for nerves causing some faults towards the end. Most irregularities were very small.
3rd place: Nantwich with 19 faults. Some brisk rounds which took a while to settle before some good call changes including queens and tittums. A long team talk hence the test piece was noticeable better than practice and improved as it progressed. Good to hear 126 rows and duration of the calls varied to highlight the best striking.
4th place: Tarporley with 26.5 faults. Very stately rounds and the practice was perhaps a bit too careful which caused gaps. The practice got slower making it tricky for the small bells. A long pause then a rather nervous first lead in the test piece which should have been quicker.

Credit also to team five, a scratch band, with an excellent 10.5 faults. Very steady rounds then Bob Minor for both practice and test. The ringing got better and better with the second half particularly good.


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