Voting for a Guild Logo
At the AGM in September 2016 we decided to run a competition to find a logo for The Guild. A preliminary round of voting at Guild Committee in February 2017 reduced sixteen choices to four and these have been improved. Now it is time for each of the Guild towers to vote on which one of four logos should be recommended to the Guild at AGM on 23rd September. The logo may be adapted to suit various uses for example website or letterhead or embroidery whilst staying true to the design shown here.

  • Each tower in the Guild has one vote and the vote is for only one of the four logos.
  • The Tower Captain is responsible for obtaining agreement on the vote from Guild members of the tower.
  • The Branch Secretary is responsible for collecting the votes from Branch towers.
  • Deadline for voting is Sunday 10th September.
  • Results of the vote and a Proposal will be presented to the Guild AGM on 23rd September.


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