Date(s) - Sat 4th Apr '20
all day

St Bridget, West Kirby (8, 12-0-23 in G)


This event is postponed.


[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”CDGCBR 8 Bell Striking Competition 2020″]

The test piece for this year’s competition will be the following relatively straight-forward touch of Plain Bob Major (224 Changes):-
224 Plain Bob Major
2345678   3  4
2348765   –    –
2345678   –    –

Call tenor 4ths,M,In,In or 2nd H,W,H,W. The calling from any bell is quite straightforward (e.g. 3rd M,H,M,H). This touch is easy to call but features splitting of the tenor coursing orders.  The touch is straightforward and musical featuring both 8765s at the back and 5678s at the front and should be a reasonable test of striking.

Note from the Guild Master Graham Jenkins: The draw will be made prior to the competition [ed: i.e. before the day of the competition] and bands will be notified of their ringing order. Proposed members of each team are notified to Graham Jenkins by e-mail no later than Saturday 28th March so that eligibility can be checked. Please accept my apologies that in accordance with item 6, notification of the test piece notification is a little late.