Date(s) - Thu 22nd Nov '18 - Fri 23rd Nov '18
18:30 - 20:00

Crewe, Christ Church (10, 20-0-0) in E


PEAL virtual campanile at Crewe LUMEN 22-23rd November 2018

An exciting 8-bell laser-triggered simulator will be installed in the open-air nave of Crewe Christ Church as one of the many light-inspired displays during the town’s LUMEN evening to switch on the Christmas Lights. Based at Christ Church, the art installation will offer visitors a chance to ‘ring’ bells by cutting beams of light with their hands.

Bell Ringers are invited to perform on the simulator during Friday evening starting at 5pm. A practice is available on the Thursday evening 6.30pm. This event, coming so close to the ringing at Christ Church during 10-11th November, is an excellent opportunity to engage with the public and to demonstrate method ringing.

Contact is Tom Nestor 07775 747222

The Monomatic PEAL installation

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Crewe’s Night of Lights

What’s on – LUMEN

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