Date(s) - Sat 17th Feb '18
10:00 - 13:00

Warmingham, St Leonard (6, 10-0-0) in G


10:00am – Open Ringing at St Leonard, Warmingham
11:30pm – Open ringing at St Mary, Sandbach
1:00pm – Lunch at The George Inn, High Street, Sandbach

There is very little parking outside St Leonard’s but we usually get away with
parking at The Bear’s Paw, almost opposite the church.

Parking outside St Mary’s on High Street has a time limit, so we usually try and find
a parking space at the other side of the church on Crown Bank or Well Bank.

The George Inn is just a very short walk from the church.

St Leonard CW11 3QN
St Mary CW11 1HD
The George Inn CW11 1AL